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 The constitutional club - Halloween 2010

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PostSubject: The constitutional club - Halloween 2010   Sun Dec 05, 2010 3:26 pm

We all arrived around 8pm to start the investigation of this wonderful building
in the heart of Burton-on-trent. After planning out our night,and getting ourselves
familiar with the layout of the building we began by trying a contact circle in a small room on the third floor. Paul led the circle as we all joined hands and Paul asked for any spirits present to enter the circle. After 10 minutes or so two of the members in the circle had there arms slowly lifted upwards to the point that they were on tip toes.
I myself had this experience also,much to the surprise of Carol,our host for the night,who was holding my hand in the circle at the time. We then took a break before
Paul,Gary and our host Carol and a few others set up in the corner of the Billiard room to try some glass divination which gave a few interesting results, leading to our host Carol getting her mother communicating and accurately answering questions through the glass, I captured this on video and will post it when i have time.
After another short break,We split up in to two groups and myself,Gary,Andy and Mark went in to the cellar. Gary called out for a sign from any spirit present as we all sat in complete darkness as i filmed with my night vision camcorder.Although nothing much happened in the cellar,I found it very strange that my camcorder switched off while i was filming, shortly after Gary had said if you dont like the cameras,then switch them off for us. There was no reason for this to happen ,as the camera was showing a fully charged battery.
After another Quick break Paul and his group set themselves up on the main staircase
and myself,Gary,Andy and mark went back to the third floor and positioned ourselves in the bathroom area and started calling out for a sign from any spirits present. After a while we heard a faint shuffling sound from out in the corridor,Gary asks "Who's there" ........ "would you like to come in",at which point we hear three loud knocks in the room with us. Now with the time being 11.50pm,we move from the bathroom in to the corridor to wait for the witching hour. While in the corridor I captured three very creepy class A evp's which i will post for you to hear shortly.
At this point Paul's group reported seeing light anomalies around the main stairs area.
For the rest of the night Myself,Gary,Andy and mark go back to the room where we held the circle and used the ouija board with some pretty scary results. We quickly had the name Thomas coming through the board telling us that he had murdered someone in the cellar with a knife and that he hated us all apart from Andy who he liked. The board told us it wanted to kill us and wanted Andy to kill us. Now time to go home I ask the the spirit to say goodbye but the board repeatedly answers NO.
Finally we get the glass to move to GOODBYE on the board and we end the ouija session. As everyone is leaving we all agree that we need to go back to the constitutional club again soon.

Here are the EVP'S





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PostSubject: re post   Sun Dec 05, 2010 9:19 pm

great report keith
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The constitutional club - Halloween 2010
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