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 The ancient ram inn by paul

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PostSubject: The ancient ram inn by paul   Sun Nov 21, 2010 12:56 pm

The Ancient Ram Inn

By Paul Dutton (sceptic)

We arrived at the Ram inn and had a walk round and unusually for me i was a bit uneasy and felt that we were being followed.
Once the teams were sorted the first vigil started, our team started in the Bar area. We set up a trigger object near the ancient grave and started with a bit of glass moving, we were getting no response from the glass but we were getting temperature drops and cold breezes several members also reported that there faces were getting hot. The door from the base room was bolted and no one was the otherside of the door suddenly the door started to violently rattle. Shadows were seen on several occasions moving around. We then started to name one or two of the know spirits of this area which seemed to have an effect by more fluctuations in temperatures and an outline of a person was seen standing in the doorway to the stairs area. Other happenings included batteries going flat on camcorders, white noise on the camcorder viewing screen and walkie talkie channels being opened and closed in a pattern could have been morse code
Following our first break our next vigil took place in the Barn. Compared to the Bar area the barn was a dissapointment with only one or two light anomilies. One of the team left the group for a lone vigil in the area at the foot of the stairs he reported the sensation of being pushed in the back.
For the teams next vigil we went back to the bar area with dowsing rods and a ghost box. We started to call out known spirit names and straight away the ghost box and the rods were working together we seemed to be incontact with a spirit who's wife had been murdered and words such as blood, murder, were being picked up on the ghost box one of the team was asking about the murdered wife and the locked off ghost box stopped and was playing "pretty woman" i had to unlock the ghost box to restart the scan, once locked off again i tried to stop it scanning but couldn't. The line of questioning restarted and again the ghost box stopped scanning this time it stopped on a channel that was playing an indian love song, we had an Indian team member and he said the song was about a man being in love with a woman and not being able to live without her. Again the ghost box was locked and i had to unlock to reset. As with the first vigil temperature drops and shadows were reported by the team.

The teams next vigil started in the weavers loft, the loft consists of 2 rooms we started the vigil with all the team in the bedroom section of the loft on the ouija board but with no success, a couple of the team then explored the other section of the loft above the Bishops room a couple of light anomilies were seen and some shadows moving across the far corner of the loft.
The team were left a little dissapointed with the loft vigil and headed for the Bishops room.

Once settled in the Bishops room the team were spread out using the chairs each side of the fire place, the chair in the corner by the door and the beds.
The room didn't have the same calm feeling as the weavers loft and there several team members reported changes in temperature some light anomilies were reported being seen to the right hand side of the window.
We continued to call out known spirits but although a tense atmosphere activity was limited to light anomolies. One of the team started to cough and choke she was taken out and soon recovered later she reported a tightening around her throat, not an unusual happening at the ram. Leaving one of the team in the Bishops room for a lone vigil the rest of us started our last team vigil in the Witches room.

In the Witches room we opened up the vigil with some table tipping, we had some vibration but no significant movement following this we then spread out around the room and started to call out again as with the Bishops room the atmosphere was not pleasant and temperature drops were reported, it was now around 03:30 and the team took a break.

Following the break the teams split and people went off for an hour to carry out vigils, myself and several others went back to the Weavers loft as with my first visit the temperature was comfortable the atmosphere was relaxed.
An EMF meter was placed at the far end of the loft above the Bishops Room and we sat in the bedroom area, we were getting responses from the dowsing rods and the pendulum. At about 04:30 the EMF meter placed earlier started to sound and the needle was off the scale, the second meter was turned on and this reacted the same, we moved them around checking from floor to roof but they continued off the scale with no fluctuation, the whole room was charged, people started to spot light anomilies several of these have been caught on camera. With the meters still going off we started to use the ouija board as the planchette moved towards yes both meters stopped dead, the planchette stopped on the board and calmness returned to the loft. The activity lasted between 5 and 10 minutes and baffled us all at the time as it does still now. At 05:00 we packed up the equiptment and headed for home with a vow that we will all be returning soon to The Ancient Ram Inn
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The ancient ram inn by paul
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